Are Your Network Marketing Advertising methods working?

Are you cold calling(contacting people who did not ask for your information). Doing the old school approach posting some ads in the newspaper. Posting signs or pamphlets everywhere. Would your business change if you did not have to sell anything, but instead attracted people looking for what you have to offer?

I will give you 3 things to focus on to improve or maybe to create your network marketing advertising. The very first thing you must do is keyword research. Then write an article and a press release. Finally interact on some web 2.0 sites. These 3 techniques should be done in the order given.

Keywords are how people find you when they go to a search engine like google. When they type a word into the search bar that is a keyword. Your aim is to dominate the first page of google for your keyword. The second page isn’t look at that often and pages 3 and beyond not likely. To dominate this you use a combination of different content like articles, press releases and web 2.0 interaction.

There are many free sites to post articles or press releases and some paid ones that post to many sites. Choose your article and press release sites. Then write some valuable content about your keyword and distribute your article to these sites. Then write a press release about this content and post on some press release sites.

Web 2.0 is also refered to as social media sites. Examples of social media sites are Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo, etc. Create accounts for the sites you decide on and give people value. Never try to sell or convince anyone of your idea or product. They will decide on their own if they want what you have to offer. Your objective is to become valuable and people will attract to you like a magnet. So you must go to work on yourself and like Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Sweeteners To Be Or Not To Be


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Self improvement resources-Are you born with self-doubt or trained to have it?

Were you born having self- doubt or has something programmed you that way? Self- doubt is a very destructive creature an it can put you places in your mind that you have probably tried to leave in the past. You may ask, Why does self-doubt reoccur? Well it reoccurs when you are trying to improve yourself as a person. It is like the angel on one side of your shoulder and a demon on the other. I think procrastination along with self-doubt is your worst dream crushers. These two entities show up when you are trying to stray from the herd. Why do you want to be like the herd anyway?

The wealthiest people control self-doubt. They have methods, resources and procedures that they practice against this creature when it appears to do its evil deed. Ever wonder why we are so programmed to go to school, study hard, go to college, have a safe secure job and invest in a 401k? In reality most people who have become rich have not done that. They have gone against the tide, have removed the self-doubt that someone or something programmed them to have and they developed the courage that most people run away from.

We all hear the rags-to-riches stories. A person from a poor family rises to become an inventor for some type of system, a person from another country becomes owner of several manufacturing companies or a homeless person turning their life around and impacting thousands of lives. We see and hear these stories and I wonder how they did it? They do it by losing the idea implanted in them that they are and will remain poor. They remove the self-doubt and take the risks and suffer the pains because they have made the conscious and subconscious decision that they and you have what it takes to be rich and stay rich.

So now I ask again, Are you born with self-doubt or are we taught to have self-doubt?. I believe people are programmed to have self-doubt, so that we can become pawns. You do not have to be a pawn if you don’t want to be, but you are one because you are afraid to take the step to free yourself from the norm. Everyone has fear, but the successful still act despite fear. So be courageous and take the first step. Make the conscious decision to remove self-doubt.