Ideas for Self Sustainability

You may be wondering what it is that I am talking about.  You are probably saying of course I am self- sustainable I work, take care of my family, have 2 vehicles, pay my bills on time, etc. etc., of course I am self-sustainable!.  Really friends are you?  As the days go by and the “old wars” are still going on and the new ones are starting I can’t help to think of how all of this will end.

I believe that it will all end when we all realize that there is a game being played on us!  How do you feel about the facts of food being genetically designed to overcome drought, disease and pest.  Sounds like a Frakenstein movie doesn’t it?  But the reality of it is that it is going on now and has been for some time.  Do you really believe that it is just a coincidence?  Don’t you find it odd that nowadays children have adult diseases and more adults are relying on pharmaceuticals to make it thru the day?

All of this has been happening for the last 30-50 years not even a blink in Earth’s time and still we continue on scratching our heads and wondering what is possibly going wrong, how can the government help us?  First of all that is why we are in this position because of the government helping us and second we all have strayed far away from what is primal to us.  Growing our own foods, being neighborly to the local butcher and being part of a community.  Now when I say community I don’t mean a subdivision that has HOA with a promise of “protecting” you behind bars with codes that get changed every month and a facade of well manicured greenery.  It’s just another version of big brother watching and please don’t be fooled.

Now it’s not a bad thing if you like that and that is your right and I went of on a rant so I will get back on course.  Do you know you can grow your own garden in your own by using plastic bottles by the window in your home organically?  Even better there are certain nurseries in your area that can help you with such a project and help you pick fruits and vegetables that will grow well in your area.  Pretty neat huh?  Also if you live in a state where you have ideal weather for growing such jewels you can create a space in your yard!  Great resources will be your local nursery,, and to name a few.  Of course let us not forget the internet which has a plethora of information at your fingertips at any time you want and need.

That is self sustainable, able to grow your goods, kill your meat and make a shelter with all the resources at your front door is the meaning of self.  After all we haven’t grown as a race by having technology, vehicles, phones and the like.  We have grown because when things have gone “bad” we go back to our primal self and survive.  So my friends when things get sticky here in the near future will you be ready?  I know I will be and I will be keep you posted on the progress hopefuly we can help each other on this journey, until then have a marvelous day!

Making Important Decisions

Why People make important decisions?  That is a very “difficult” question for we all have different ideas, lifestyles, perceptions and impressions.

I am not talking about whether you should wear that tie with that shirt, or buy that newer flat screen television or a new pair of shoes.  The decision I am talking about is a life changing one, the one people will remember you for a long time.

Think about the pilgrims, they sailed the Atlantic to come to North America, why.  Why would they sacrifice their lives, leave their comfort and knowledge of a place to come to an unknown one?  They made the decision because they knew that there was something better, something of their own and something life changing.

We all hold the keys to make that important decision.  The important decisions we make takes us to the level of enlightenment, to a place where we need to be.  It is the process of reaching the ultimate goal, your destiny.

To help you make those important decisions I put a little list of books that may help in that process.  There are many books that can help if you decide not to read the ones provided or you have read them already: “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen, “Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill, and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki.  Remember you are not alone and only you can make that decision.
“They themselves are makers of Themselves”, James Allen

Successful Marketing Event with Lena Bjorna

Great news from the Venetian in Las Vegas!

After an inspiring and educational filled day hanging out with our business partner, Lena Bjorna and our international team of entrepreneurs.

It was time to relax and have a few drinks with our new-found group of friends at the Canaletto restaurant in the Venetian.

What a Blast! We are truly grateful to be part of a wonderful and successful team.

Meet Lena Bjorna!

Self improvement resources-Are you born with self-doubt or trained to have it?

Were you born having self- doubt or has something programmed you that way? Self- doubt is a very destructive creature an it can put you places in your mind that you have probably tried to leave in the past. You may ask, Why does self-doubt reoccur? Well it reoccurs when you are trying to improve yourself as a person. It is like the angel on one side of your shoulder and a demon on the other. I think procrastination along with self-doubt is your worst dream crushers. These two entities show up when you are trying to stray from the herd. Why do you want to be like the herd anyway?

The wealthiest people control self-doubt. They have methods, resources and procedures that they practice against this creature when it appears to do its evil deed. Ever wonder why we are so programmed to go to school, study hard, go to college, have a safe secure job and invest in a 401k? In reality most people who have become rich have not done that. They have gone against the tide, have removed the self-doubt that someone or something programmed them to have and they developed the courage that most people run away from.

We all hear the rags-to-riches stories. A person from a poor family rises to become an inventor for some type of system, a person from another country becomes owner of several manufacturing companies or a homeless person turning their life around and impacting thousands of lives. We see and hear these stories and I wonder how they did it? They do it by losing the idea implanted in them that they are and will remain poor. They remove the self-doubt and take the risks and suffer the pains because they have made the conscious and subconscious decision that they and you have what it takes to be rich and stay rich.

So now I ask again, Are you born with self-doubt or are we taught to have self-doubt?. I believe people are programmed to have self-doubt, so that we can become pawns. You do not have to be a pawn if you don’t want to be, but you are one because you are afraid to take the step to free yourself from the norm. Everyone has fear, but the successful still act despite fear. So be courageous and take the first step. Make the conscious decision to remove self-doubt.

Educational leadership articles

What does it take to be a leader? How should leaders act and can anyone be a leader? I think leadership is an acquired skill and you do not have to be, born to be a leader, to be one. These are my opinions about leadership.

Leadership is about character, integrity and courage more than about being the smartest, strongest or the best. The foundation of a leader is integrity. The dictionary states integrity as; soundness of moral character; honesty. Simply put integrity means true to your word, owning up to your mistakes, not making excuses and taking responsibility for your actions. Courage is doing the right thing, for the right reasons even when no one is around. To act on what you know is right is truly courage, courage is about action.

Do what you say. The saying, lead by example, are true of a great leader. Think of someone you have personally known that sounded like a good leader, but wasn’t. They were saying all the correct things and you probably believed them, but what they were doing didn’t make sense and it did not reflect what they were saying. This is a leader who acts only for themselves or their hidden agendas. They do not really want to help people and are looking out for their own skin.

Do not avoid failure. Many leaders have failed countless times and that is how they have learned. It is ok to be afraid of failure, but if you try to avoid failure, you will also be avoiding action. The ability to persevere and never give up is how you become a leader.

Integrity, lead by example and perseverance these are the qualities of a great leader. The greatest leaders are also compassionate, but are not easily influenced. I will now leave you with a quote that shows the power a single leader can produce. “I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion”… Alexander the great

How should leaders act?

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