Wealth Education, learn what is not taught in school.

How would you like to mastermind with a group of self-made entrepreneurs that believe in educating you on how the rich get wealthy? There is a saying that goes something like this, take the 5 closest people you hang out with and average their incomes, that is your new reality. Do you like what you see? If not, maybe your new mastermind group needs to be centered on wealth education.

Through out all the years of traditional school, did you ever ask “how is all this stuff going to help me survive in the real world.” In all my years of school I am unable to remember one point where I was taught, how to make money work for me.  I was taught algebra, science, reading, writing, metal shop, etc. In other words, I was taught how to work for money, but not, what to do with it once I have it?

I agree that reading, writing, math, etc are very important in our current system. I only ask, isn’t money as important if not more important at the current time in our history? How can you survive without an understanding of how to make money as well as how to keep money. If I were a true survivalist, like the natives of old, and I could live off the land without spending a cent of money, then maybe I could survive in this world without an understanding of money. This example is probably not even a fraction of 1% the people in the world.

So, the question becomes how do you learn a vital skill for survival that is not taught in the traditional school system? By becoming a master of failure and unlearning some things you have learned. That’s right, you must learn how to fail. Contrary to what you may believe and you are taught, failure is not bad it is good, failure is how we learn. You must shed your fear of failure by acting despite fear and when you fail, ask yourself what can I learn from this? Do not brush it off by saying “I will never do that again.” Also you must know what it is you want and not be indecisive. Surround yourself with people who have attained and who are focused on attaining the success you desire. It really is that simple, if you believe and never give up.