Your Score, Why you Should Care?

We see it, we hear about it, we experience and we use it but do you know why you should care if the score is high or low? I will talk briefly about your credit score and why you should care.

As you may or may not know, your credit score is really a reflection of your “buying and borrowing” history. Credit cards are borrowed money we all have used it to buy clothes, food, airline tickets and possibly some investments but the fact doesn’t change that it is still borrowed money. How you pay back that loan is very important in establishing a trust between you and possible future lenders.

Often we all make the mistake to miss a payment, max a card out or not pay it back at all. These actions will and can affect any thoughts of buying a home, changing employments and even buying a vehicle. These delinquent actions demonstrate that you are not a trustworthy person and a high risk.

Some banks won’t lend you money if your score is too low and those banks that will the interest rate is so high that you will pay on that loan forever, literally. Your credit score can be affected also if there is any wrong information. That is why it is important to keep up with your report and challenge any information you know is wrong, after all this is a reflection of you.

If getting the best interest rates, a home, a new job or whatever is important to you than it would be pertinent for you to be on top of your score. Lenders are being very careful and strict on who they will lend money, don’t be left behind.

Successful Marketing Event with Lena Bjorna

Great news from the Venetian in Las Vegas!

After an inspiring and educational filled day hanging out with our business partner, Lena Bjorna and our international team of entrepreneurs.

It was time to relax and have a few drinks with our new-found group of friends at the Canaletto restaurant in the Venetian.

What a Blast! We are truly grateful to be part of a wonderful and successful team.

Meet Lena Bjorna!

Wealth Education, learn what is not taught in school.

How would you like to mastermind with a group of self-made entrepreneurs that believe in educating you on how the rich get wealthy? There is a saying that goes something like this, take the 5 closest people you hang out with and average their incomes, that is your new reality. Do you like what you see? If not, maybe your new mastermind group needs to be centered on wealth education.

Through out all the years of traditional school, did you ever ask “how is all this stuff going to help me survive in the real world.” In all my years of school I am unable to remember one point where I was taught, how to make money work for me.  I was taught algebra, science, reading, writing, metal shop, etc. In other words, I was taught how to work for money, but not, what to do with it once I have it?

I agree that reading, writing, math, etc are very important in our current system. I only ask, isn’t money as important if not more important at the current time in our history? How can you survive without an understanding of how to make money as well as how to keep money. If I were a true survivalist, like the natives of old, and I could live off the land without spending a cent of money, then maybe I could survive in this world without an understanding of money. This example is probably not even a fraction of 1% the people in the world.

So, the question becomes how do you learn a vital skill for survival that is not taught in the traditional school system? By becoming a master of failure and unlearning some things you have learned. That’s right, you must learn how to fail. Contrary to what you may believe and you are taught, failure is not bad it is good, failure is how we learn. You must shed your fear of failure by acting despite fear and when you fail, ask yourself what can I learn from this? Do not brush it off by saying “I will never do that again.” Also you must know what it is you want and not be indecisive. Surround yourself with people who have attained and who are focused on attaining the success you desire. It really is that simple, if you believe and never give up.

Do you really think you are Diversified?

Do you think you are an investor? You may be surprised to find out that you are not, and maybe many of you are. My point is most people have a retirement account like a 401k,TSP,Roth IRA and maybe a brokerage account to invest in stocks or you buy some mutual funds. Most people would say you are divesified, I say you are not and I will explain why I think so.

Your stock broker or online broker or bank are always talking about diversification, right. Do you know what true diversification is? No worries if you do not know, because most of your brokers and firms don’t either. If they do know, they will not tell you. Why, because if they tell you what true diversification is you probably wouldn’t turn all your money over to them.

First of all you have to understand there are approximately 4 different asset classes. A business be it online, brick & mortar or franchise. Real estate as in residential, commercial or maybe raw land. Paper is also an asset class, examples: stocks, ETF, mutual fund, your retirement account etc. Finally you have commodities like gold, silver, oil, corn, etc. So, when your broker is telling you to diversify and that he has spread your risk by setting up a well diversified portfolio for you, he has only spread your money over one asset class (paper) and that is not true diversification.

I think, that is why the true entrepreneurs like Jim Rogers, Bill Gates and Henry Ford believe in focusing not diversifying. If you are investing and do not understand diversification in relation to the asset classes, that my friend is a recipe for disaster. If you’ve made mistakes, good, everyone has, but the minute you try to blame or say, well it’s not my fault my broker told me this, you will have learned nothing from that priceless gem, called a mistake.

Also an asset class doesn’t necessarily mean it is an asset, it can be an asset or it could be a liability, but that is for another discussion.

Paying Too Much Tax, Why do you think that is?

Have you sat down and seriously looked at your paycheck and calculated how much tax they take from you, do not forget social security, medicare, sales tax, real estate tax, etc. People have gotten used to paying these over time and have forgotten that is your money and they didn’t ask you if they could have it. Obviously you care about your finances because you are taking the time in reading this article.

A little history on federal income tax. Puritans came over from Britain to not only have the freedom to practice religion but also to escape the over taxation from the King. Now let’s think of this, how long have taxes been in existence? Well taxes on personal income started in 1862 because of the Civil War. Then it was removed in 1872, for 22 years no income tax. However, it was revived again in 1894. Then in 1895 the Supreme Court declared that taxes on personal income were unconstitutional and removed the income tax. Strangely enough in 1913 an amendment was passed specifically the 16th Amendment to the Constitution to make it legal and permanent for our personal income to be taxed. (The Editors, 2007). Coincidence or by design, that in 1913 the same year when the Federal Reserve was created by the banking elite, we get slapped with a tax on our personal efforts. Many say conspiracy; some don’t know who to believe and few will go back to the pages of time where truth will reveal itself.

You say this is not happening, my friend do the research and make your own choice. Listen to their words, they are doing this so you can feel “secure”, giving us fish instead of teaching us how to fish. Do you wonder why we are never tought about money in school, it is easier to take from someone who does not understand what is going on. Why are you working for money when instead you can have money work for you? Why are you making someone else rich when you yourself can be rich? My husband and I were fearful and felt powerless, but we believe that there is no way we will continue to live this way, why would we? We took action; we researched and were disgusted and flabbergasted of the “mafia-like” actions from some of our ignorant congress people and cartels to legally rob us blind. Don’t get me wrong some taxes are beneficial to a “civilized” society. We need firemen, policemen, teachers and the like but what about those other systems that have grotesquely grown and sucked the life out of us?

My friend the only way you’ll be free of the daily grind is if you take action and do the research. Educate yourself and your children so you and your family don’t become “slaves” to the “Information Age”. Don’t fall to the wayside, because the fear of risk only weighs a few pounds but the pain of regret after a long life weighs tons. You have the power to be legally financially free, you just have to believe it and it will be.

The Editors, (2007). “When did the people start paying federal income tax?” Pearson Education
Group. Retrieved from website,

How to acquire money, How to keep money and How to use money

In The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason he talks about 3 simple rules of money.

This Post will teach you those rules. Here we go.

You must first learn to live upon less than you can earn. Wait! I know what you are thinking, live below your means and cut up your credit cards, I do not believe that, but to live in abundance you must first learn to pay yourself first. You pay the bank, you pay for the clothes you wear, you pay for the things you eat and on and on, you pay to everyone but yourself. Maybe you put some money away for a while, but eventually that thing you always wanted catches your eye and you get it. You must pay yourself first before you pay for anything else at least 10% of your income, no less or as much more as you can afford.

Then you must seek advice from those who are competent through their own experiences to give it. Would you go to the mechanic to ask about real estate, of course not you would go to the realtor. People take advice every day from well meaning friends and relatives who mostly are fearful of losing money, but don’t really know what to do with it. Advice is freely given to the one seeking it, but it is your responsibility to decide what to do with that info. To seek money you must surround yourself with people who know its laws.

Lastly you must learn to make money work for you. Money in a wallet or bank account is quickly gone if there is no casflow to refill it. You can work for money, but your physical efforts have limits. You only have so many hours in every day and there is no leverage in that approach. In my opinion it is smarter to have money work for you through assets like a business, real estate, and investing in gold & silver or dividend producing stocks.

Remember that 10% is yours to be used for growing your wealth. Then find someone who knows its rules, but you make the decision. Finally, make money your slave and its children your slave. Do not be a slave to money.